Here I will explain to you what OBEAH is. When I mention or discuss OBEAH I am not referencing the caribbean voodoo or magic.  When you do a google search what results are the wiki definition that I mentioned above.  So if you are here looking for voodoo and mysticism, you wont find it here.OBEAH simply put is black  domination / white humiliation. A form a erotic humiliation based upon race play consisting of very dark sadistic sexual overtones. OBEAH built on the ideals of Black Supremacy, and the racial degradation of white submissives even the torture of white slaves/submissives, at the hands of their Black Superior. The ideals I write about and mention here are not new and date back decades here in America. Even though as black people in America, we have not experienced social or economic supremacy. In the BDSM lifestyle we have. There are many white submissive/slaves that believe they are inferior to any Black individual, and were born to revere, worship, obey. 

I think OBEAH humiliation in most cases is either very sexual  or very sadistic in nature, sometimes both. For example in OBEAH  ; many white male submissives are objectified, emasculated, tortured and even feminized.  Their sexual self identity is usually altered to suite the whims of his Black Superior.  Their physical appearance changed to accommodate his masters idea of beauty.  Some OBEAH ideals even as strong and extreme to as suggest whites are subhuman and should be treated as common day livestock. Regardless of the nature of the actual activity there is usually a feeling of submission for the white slave being humiliated, and dominance, for the Black Superior  implementing the humiliation.  The amount of whites who feel an overwhelming guilty about what their ancestors did to African Americans is growing at a staggering amount. In some cases their guilt can be usually associated with a deep rooted need of generosity and submission to people of color for their ancestors transgressions.

There are many African Americans that struggle with the anger of societal, economic and social issues that prevents the Black American from overcoming poverty and racism. Many angered from the media's negative views of self-worth for people of color. Many angered from the deep rooted existence of racism. There are also many blacks who feel we are born physically and intellectually superior. Some of you may ask why? If slavery was such a tragic thing, why are there people who are engaging in such play? Well the major difference is. This is all consensual play between adults. The slave is not taken or held by force, yet his submission given freely to his Black Superior. The slave agreeing to be in indentured servitude to his Black Master. I cant think of a healthier way for white slaves who have guilt, and Black Superiors that possess anger. Engaging in this type of play can be therapeutic and mutually beneficial.