Daily Dues

19.95 USD / 20 CREDITS

Pay your daily dues here bitches and receive your daily picture image of Goddess and mantra treat!Digital download of picture.

Slave Shopping Splurge

249.95 USD / 250 CREDITS

Just a little splurge on Mistress! Spend, spend, spend! Good boys rewarded with a Gif. Digital download of vacation picture set.

Slave Shopping Spree

499.95 USD / 500 CREDITS

Send Mistress shopping using your hard earned dollars! Spend, spend, spend! These lucky boys get a caption picture digital download of my shopping spree!

Slave Vacation Tribute

699.95 USD / 700 CREDITS

Send Mistress away on your dime! Spend, spend, spend! These generous boys get a nice visual of your Goddess enjoying her vacation on your dime. Picture set included.

Super Slave Shopping Spree

999.95 USD / 1000 CREDITS

Send Mistress shopping using your hard earned dollars! Spend, spend, spend! These boys get a 10 second snapchat clip of Goddess enjoying her vacation! Digital download of picture set.

Sincerity Tribute

500 USD / 500 CREDITS

This is your way of showing me that you are sincere in making an effort to get to know me! Show me you are sincere!

Unblock FEE

500 USD / 500 CREDITS

This means YOU fucked up somewhere along the line and I have blocked you on social media! Well this is the only way to get your access to my social media back.


250 USD / 150 CREDITS

I was born to place inferior white men into subjugation! I have inherent right to own and use inferior men to provide for my physical and financial comfort. Time to pay for that white privilege!

Cum Tax

49.95 USD / 50 CREDITS

Touching your dick is an addiction! Allowing you to cum is certainly an honor and privilege that is not free! PAY YOUR CUM TAX! Receive an exclusive permission photo with payment.

Little Dick Tax

9.99 USD / 10 CREDITS

Well we all know Mistress is a size queen! That means 9 inches and up! You can blame nature for cursing you with that embarrassment, but you can pay me the tax for it existing! Receive an exclusive GIF photo with payment.

Measure UP!

14.99 USD / 15 CREDITS

Measure your tiny little dick boy! Now buy this picture and pay what you owe!Digital download of picture meme.

10 signs YOU"RE a SISSY BITCH!

9.95 USD / 10 CREDITS

Not quite sure if you are a sissy? Well this list of 10 things will surely let you know! Digital download of sissy list.

Click, PAY, Stroke

9.99 USD / 10 CREDITS

Yes!!! It's true bitch boy! This is the same email OVER & OVER again! So you keep clicking bitch and keep paying! Digital download of exclusive picture set.

Sissy Checklist

19.95 USD / 20 CREDITS

This is a check list of items you should have as a sissy! Digital download of checklist.

Sissy Rules!

19.95 USD / 20 CREDITS

These are the standard rules you should be living by to be a perfect sissy slut for Pimpstress! Digital download of set of sissy rules.

Picture Tribute

24.95 USD / 25 CREDITS

So you want to send me a picture of your dick? lmao Well I dont look at little dicks for free! So you can pay me for the honor of gazing upon your useless penis! It better be entertaining! Email picture access granted after payment.

Let's Watch Porn 2gether!

9.95 USD / 10 CREDITS

Yes its true! Pimpstress loves porn and yes I also watch it daily! Want to watch the same porns I do? Want to see what I like and what are my tastes? Here is your chance! Digital download of list of my favorite porn movies, links and websites!


19.95 USD / 20 CREDITS



29.95 USD / 30 CREDITS

YOUR DICK IS NOW MINE! I'm going to tell exactly how and when to touch that tiny little dick of MINE! HAHAHA Digital download of Audio clip instructions.


49.95 USD / 50 CREDITS

You will pay for the honor to suck dick for your Pimpstress! So not only will I be selling your mouth, you will pay for the honor fag! READY FOR THIS DIGITALLY DOWNLOADED VIDEO CLIP!

Raise the RATE!

9.95 USD / 10 CREDITS

I start with 9.95 and 1 image from a sexy picture set, and I slowly raise the rate until you find your wallet empty! Ready to play? Receive an exclusive photo with payment.

Penalty Jar

99.95 USD / 100 CREDITS

Did you fuck up? Need to earn your way back into my good graces.... Well BITCH! Start here and after will send your downloadable instructions for punishment!

Stare @ my BOOBS game!

19.95 USD / 20 CREDITS

The game is simple. I have attached an awesome boob worship slideshow to distract you. Your job is to stare at the included sildeshow without blinking for the for the specified amount of time! YOU BLINK...YOU LOSE! Receive an downloadable slideshow with payment.

Reward Time

249.95 USD / 250 CREDITS

This the time you actually get your shits and giggle with Mistress. Skype free time with Mistress! I decide how much time , and I decide what we do! Its always about my enjoyment!

Hall Pass

199.95 USD / 200 CREDITS

Yes thats right!!! You read correctly hall pass! That means you get 2 mins of mindless stroking while I watch you on skype... Who knows if you're entertaining enough... Maybe ill laugh on mic, or if you're really good pop on for a visual quick laugh!

14 Day Humiliating orgasm and cum eating challenge

59.95 USD / 60 CREDITS

Over the next 2 weeks I will have you doing the most outrageous humiliating things! So you want to touch it? Well, you are going to eat the mess too! Be prepared to be transformed from addicted stroker into my stroke puppet! I am totally going to take advantage of your addiction. Let's see how you fair after 2 weeks of this treatment. I'm sure there will be only room for gratitude! Digital instructional download.

Worship Women @ WORK Wednesday!

49.95 USD / 50 CREDITS

So longing to be reminder of your inferiority? It's Wednesday and I have a task challenge, and lets see if you can complete it loser! I want you to choose a random female at work or school. Unbeknownst to this female that you have chosen, you will not obligated to worship her for the entire day and make her your mistress. You will spoil this women with lunch, and random various items, while making it clear that there is no romantic interest. I have a list of tasks I will challenge you to complete throughout the day! Let's see if you can withstand the challenge! It's double if you lose!

Shaving Challenge

29.95 USD / 30 CREDITS

Today is the day you are going to finally manscape that disgusting hair off your body! It’s time to be my smooth, soft, docile sissy! Purchase this instructional download and sissy challenge included!

Loser Lingerie Extreme

59.95 USD / 60 CREDITS

Ready to play cucky! You get to a choice of 3 items from my special special wish list that are for looking good while fucking my bulls. We will call them the fuckfits! After you pick out 3 fuckfits, I will choose one from your selections for you to purchase! Who knows...If you pick one of my favorites, maybe I will reward you with a photo!


29.95 USD / 30 CREDITS

Are you ready to play the ultimate game of RISK. This isn't the board game from your childhood. This is the game for your adulthood! One specifically designed for my little BB cum loving sluts! I know you revel in the pleasure of using your holes, to pleasure anything stiff that wants inside you! You love it even more when they leave a little something behind! No need to play it safe! The game is called RISK! The higher the RISK, the more fun! So here you are my little bug chaser! Time to play this downloadable game!

Take the Pledge

29.95 USD / 30 CREDITS

It's time BB slut to take a solemn oath! Your faggot ass will buy, read and sign this agreement to live your life the proper way as my cum receptacle. Buy this downloadable contract and sign the dotted line!

Loser Lingerie

29.95 USD / 30 CREDITS

Once we begin to play this game, you will get to a choice of 3 items from my special wish list! These are for looking good, going out, all sexy, and of course worn to attract bulls. We will call them the Bait outfits. Select 3 baitfits and then out of those 3 selections, I will choose which ones I want! :)

Slut MAG cover

49.95 USD / 50 CREDITS

Pay for your feature on one Pimpstress's custom SLUT MAGS! Your own custom mag cover feature.

Bronze credit package

99.95 USD


Get a 33% discount on store purchases, downloads with a credit package.

Silver credit package

149.95 USD


Get a 40% bigger discount on store purchases, downloads and private shows with a credit package.

Gold credit package

199.95 USD


Get a 43% discount on store purchases, downloads with this credit package.

Platinum credit package

249.95 USD


Get a 47% discount on store purchases, downloads and private shows with this credit package.

Diamond credit package

499.95 USD


Get a 50% discount on store purchases, downloads with this credit package.

VIP Credit

749.95 USD


Really want to catch my attention and spend in my store... Here's your opportunity.


29.99 USD FOR 30 DAYS THEN 49.99 USD FOR 30 DAYS

Vip access to my snapchat

Subscription Length: 30 days recurring

Slave Conversation

149.95 USD / 150 CREDITS

So you think you can be my slave? You dream of me and cannot stop thinking of me! Or maybe you just need to be pointed in the right direction. Well here is an opportunity to introduce yourself, make your inquires. 15 mins

Orchiectomy Cosultation

149.95 USD / 150 CREDITS

Have you completed your castration application? Are you thinking castration is the solution to your porn addiction? Looking to discuss the removal of your tiny little useless fallacy? Want to know your options? We can discuss real life options available for you. 10 mins *MUST ALSO COMPLETE APPLICATION TO BOOK*

Chronic Masturbation Therapy

149.95 USD / 150 CREDITS

Therapy designed for chronically addicted wankers!

Slave Consultation

299.95 USD / 300 CREDITS

Not sure where you fall in this world known as BDSM? Looking for answers and insight about you and kink curiosities? Well know I present you the opportunity to discuss these things with me. 30 mins

Slave Therapy

599.95 USD / 600 CREDITS

Need guidance? Seeking structure from a firm Superior! Yearning a therapy? Well here is your opportunity to introduce yourself, discuss your kink interests all while diving deeper into your psych for examination and therapy. 60 mins

Sex Addcition Therapy

599.95 USD / 600 CREDITS

Need guidance? Are you addiction to porn? Are you addicted to masturbating? Do you find yourself looking at porn all times of day, even at work? Then maybe its time to discuss your addiction.

Femdom Financial Addiction Therapy

599.95 USD / 600 CREDITS

Are you just spending way too much on Dommes and getting no return? Are you ready to change and turn things around? You can start here with some therapy.

Femdom Therapy

599.95 USD / 600 CREDITS

Restore balance and harmony to your life! Be empowered through my tailor made Femdom therapy.

Virgin Therapy

899.95 USD / 900 CREDITS

This a specially designed therapy that is a cumulative of my findom, masturbation, and porn addictions therapies combined.


29.95 USD / 30 CREDITS

Want to memorialize one of my favorite covers for Domination? Now you can buy this T'shirt! Available in sizes M,L,XL and XXL.

Pimpstress Pillows

39.95 USD / 40 CREDITS

So your dream is to sleep with me? Well here is your chance! 14x14 pillow

Samsung Galaxy Phone Case

29.95 USD / 30 CREDITS

Your Lightweight customized Galaxy S5 Case

HPT Poop Emoji Pillow

49.95 USD / 50 CREDITS

Yes thats right.. You can now order your custom HPT poop emoji pillow! Just a reminder of your wealth.

Chastity Application

29.95 USD / 30 CREDITS

Here you can apply to sign your useless little cock away to yours truly! Digital download of sissy application.

Castration Application

49.95 USD / 50 CREDITS

Here you can apply to sign your useless little cock away to yours truly! Digital download application.

Online Slave Application

99.95 USD / 100 CREDITS

So you are seeking to be an online disciple? Here you can apply for the privilege! Digital download of service application.

Money Slave Application

199.95 USD / 200 CREDITS

Love spoiling me? Want to do it on a regular basis? Here you can apply to be my money slave! Receive an exclusive photo with purchase.

1 month - texting only

29.95 USD / 30 CREDITS

Need guidance on the go? Seeking to grasp a deeper insight of kink/bdsm/alt lifestyles. Get my personal mobile number so we can chat! Text messages only, there will be no calls.

2 month - texting only

59.95 USD / 60 CREDITS

Need guidance on the go? Seeking to grasp a deeper insight of kink/bdsm/alt lifestyles. Get my personal mobile number so we can chat! Text messages only, there will be no calls.

All used clothing and underwear is cleaned before shipping

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