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Strapon Cuckold Worship

Enjoy Mistress with her strapon in this POV created just for you cucks!

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Watch Mistress punish her white slaves pink skin for all his transgressions.

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The DenHaag Experience

POV sample video of playtime with my slave in Den Haag's Fun Factory

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Pimpstress meets Platinum Puzzy

Mistress spanks Platinum Puzzy for kicks!

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Pimpstress meets Roxi

Pimpstress gets a chance to spank new comer Roxi Raine and her 79 inch ass!

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Combat Boot Ballbusting

I love kicking balls and stepping on dicks! Watch this warm up with my slave.

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Pimpstress meets Loretta Vendetta

I found this hillbilly Loretta in the trailer park! Took her back for spanking cus she's a dirty little slut!

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Pimpstress meets Tesla

New comer teen slut meets Pimpstress at the BBW camhouse! Oh she gets more than she bargained for when she volunteers to let me spank and paddle her!

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No little dicks

Watch Mistress untie and slap around her slaves little dicklette! He's lucky she touched it at all! LOVE SEEING A BLACK WOMEN HUMILIATING AND MOCKING LITTLE DICKS? BUY NOW!!

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LeatherCorset Cleavage Worship

Time to drool over what Goddess is naturally blessed with! My curves!

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Cock Commander Tells your fate

Watch Pimpstress MistressThick the Cock Commander tell you what your fate is white boy!

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